Who We Are


Our mission

The Quinta dos Lagos Group, formed by 5 venues, is passionately dedicated to making your dream wedding come true.

With its imposing venues ideal for your reception, top-quality equipment and products and an exquisite team of professionals, we ensure your day will be in everyone's memory.


How it all started

The Quinta dos Lagos Group started in 2004, by the hands of Nelson Fernando Bastos da Silva, with Quinta dos Lagos.

The natural beauty of this venue has won many successes and the desire to grow and expand horizons grew. The idea of continuing to make dreams come true, seeing happiness in the face of customers and continuing to organize happy events was something he wanted to keep. So, he created a solid structure with very strong roots to form a team, rooms and dream menus that are still part of this family!

The growing demand for the Group has led him to take an ambitious step with this family’s help. That is when Quinta das Oliveiras was born, with a structure built almost from scratch and the proximity to the Quinta dos Lagos, became another success!!

In 2011, Quinta da Aldeia joined this family and, considering that is a little distant from the rest, makes the Group's name go further.

His ambition, and because he continues to believe that events bring happiness, led him in 2014 to acquire Quinta das Palmeiras.

More recently, in 2019, Quinta do Pinheiro, uniquely integrated into the surrounding nature, began to be part of the group. In a green and peaceful setting that invites you to relax and enjoy every moment, it has a rural hotel, restaurant & bar, several function rooms, various sports areas and even an equestrian centre.

Because we want to keep on surprising you and bring you quality and relaxation to your celebrations, we decided to take another big step! Nothing would be more meaningful than giving a new life to the very first space of this Group.


The key to success is to love what you do.

We want to thank you for your preference and your trust in us.
Many more news are yet to come!